Christmas Celebrations Inspired by Design Italy

by Andres Castro

Design Italy, the platform dedicated to showcasing 100% Made in Italy design, presents a fresh take on Christmas traditions. Contemporary designers are bringing innovation to the oldest celebration, using unique shapes and unexpected colors to adorn homes. This creates a more casual and personalized Christmas atmosphere that reflects the homeowners' personality.

Design Italy offers a curated selection of stylish objects that can transform your home during the holiday season. These items also make perfect gift ideas for loved ones, or perhaps a treat for yourself, especially with the promotions available during Black Friday.

This is a rare opportunity to surround yourself with iconic products that have left their mark on Italian design history. Starting from November 13th, Design Italy will also open a physical store in Milan, located at Via Vincenzo Monti 12. This eclectic space allows you to purchase design accessories from various brands available on the marketplace. From Gaetano Pesce's exclusive creations for Fish Design to home accessories by renowned names such as Paola C., Missoni Home, Mepra, Sturm, BBB Italia, and Serralunga, this store offers everything you need for a design-oriented Christmas.

Unconventional Conviviality

Design italy Mediterraneo Driade-servizio-gres-porcellanato-neroThe Gres Nero Mediterraneo plates are a collaboration between designers Laudani & Romanelli and Italian furniture company Driade - Photo by Design Italy

During the holidays, the table serves as the symbol and focal point of conviviality and celebration. In addition to traditional colors, such as green, red, and gold, you can dare to create unique combinations. For instance, the Gres Nero Mediterraneo plates by Laudani & Romanelli for Driade bring a modern and daring touch to the classic table setting. Made through a vertical casting process, they feature irregular lines that resemble stones polished by seawater, and their unusual black color evokes volcanic stone.

Steel Cutlery LE DUE FACCE DELLA LUNA Set 4 Afra Tobia Scarpa CassinaThe Steel Cutlery Le Due Facce della Luna cutlery set is a design created by Afra and Tobia Scarpa for the Italian furniture company Cassina - Photo by Design Italy

The Le Due Facce della Luna cutlery designed by Afra and Tobia Scarpa for Cassina perfectly complements this set. The blend of aesthetics and functionality is highlighted by the contrast between Sterling Silver 925 handles and stainless steel instrumental parts. To add cheerfulness and color, Karim Rashid's Murano glass set Fila for Purho comes in six vibrant colors and can also double as elegant place cards.

Brocca Rituali di La Casa di PietraThe pitcher is crafted by skilled artisans at La Casa di Pietra, a renowned ceramic studio in Italy

For a perfect addition to your holiday tableware collection, the Rituali pitcher by La Casa di Pietra is crafted in copper and marble, showcasing minimal yet refined craftsmanship.

Monsters soup tureen by Alessandro Mendini for Cyrcus DesignThe tureen's design is characterized by the presence of mythical creatures and monsters, which are a common motif in Baroque sculpture - Photo by Italian Design

On the other hand, the Monsters soup tureen by Alessandro Mendini for Cyrcus Design is a sculptural masterpiece inspired by Neapolitan Baroque sculpture. Made with laser cutting, it features white curls that create an intriguing and wondrous cloud-like form.

Bubble PaolaC Gordon GuillaumierThe Bubble salad dressing set, designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Paola C, is an exquisite and visually appealing accessory that adds a touch of elegance to any dining table

The Bubble salad dressing set by Gordon Guillaumier for Paola C is another eye-catching piece. The delicate blown glass bottles resemble alchemists' alembics. To make toasting moments even more special, the Bing collectible flutes by Borek Sipek for Driade are handcrafted in blown glass and intricately decorated like festive miniature Christmas trees. For a unique and refined choice for the table centerpiece, Serena Confalonieri's Arabesque 02 vase in borosilicate glass pays homage to Bauhaus artist and choreographer Oskar Schlemmer with its clean and geometric contours.

The Warm Transparent di Neri & Hu - PAOLA CThe Warm Transparent service by Neri & Hu for Paola C is a design concept that aims to create a transparent and friendly service experience for customers - Photo by Design Italy

If you want to surprise your guests with a particularly refined tea ceremony, the Warm Transparent service by Neri & Hu for Paola C is the perfect choice. Its transparent glass allows you to admire the beauty of infused herbs and flowers.

Surprising Home Decor

During the holiday season, particularly Christmas, it's the perfect time to add a surprising and imaginative touch to home decor, while still maintaining a sense of style. Leading Italian designers have created exquisite objects that are not only ideal for displaying in your home, but also make for wonderful gifts.

Riva 1920 Beige Wood Christmas Tree DR C R SChristmas trees from Riva 1920, all FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified - Photo by Design Italy

Let's start with Christmas trees. Riva 1920 offers sustainable outdoor wooden trees in various sizes and shapes, all FSC certified for environmental conservation. For a unique twist, consider the disassemblable cardboard version designed by Giorgio Caporaso from Lessmore, available in a range of colors and patterns.

Simon di Borek Sipek per DriadeDesigned by renowned Czech designer Borek Sipek, the Simon candelabra showcases his signature style of combining traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary aesthetic - Photo by Design Italy

If you're looking for a modern and bold centerpiece, the silver-plated Simon seven-arm candelabra by Borek Sipek for Driade is a stunning choice. Its sinuous curves, reminiscent of climbing wild plants, exude grace and lightness, making it versatile enough to complement both contemporary and classic decor styles. Another playful option is the Spaghetti Extra Colour resin vase by Gaetano Pesce for Fish Design by Corsi. Its irregular shapes and vibrant colors create a joyful atmosphere, mesmerizing with its unpredictable color nuances.

Ficupala table lamp by CassinaInspired by the structural symmetry of traditional oil lamps, the Ficupala lamp combines classic elements with a modern twist - Photo by Design Italy

Proper lighting is essential for setting the right holiday ambiance. The Ficupala table lamp by Cassina is an eclectic fusion of postmodern and art deco styles. Featuring a marquinia marble base, taupe trunk, and pink glass top, it emanates a soft and warm glow. For a touch of celestial wonder, the Cobra Scorpius lamp by Elio Martinelli is perfect. Its top, with small holes resembling a starry sky, pays tribute to the Scorpio constellation, adding a magical touch to any space.

Brionvega Radiofonografo by Achille & Pier Giacomo CastiglioniThe Radiofonografo is known for its sleek and minimalist design, showcasing the Castiglioni brothers' ability to create functional yet visually striking objects - Photo by Design Italy

The holiday season is also an opportunity to invest in something truly special and cherished, destined to become a family heirloom. The Brionvega Radiofonografo by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni is a timeless icon that seamlessly blends retro charm with exceptional sound quality, making it a treasured addition to any home.

Calciobalilla Tour'65 Basaglia & Rota Nodari per FAS PendezzaThis foosball table is inspired by the 1960s and features a retro yet contemporary look - Photo by Design Italy

And to conclude a day spent together as a family, don't forget the importance of shared fun. The Tour'65 foosball table, designed by Basaglia & Rota Nodari for FAS Pendezza, brings unparalleled excitement and challenges. Its sleek and elegant design perfectly complements contemporary homes, providing both style and entertainment.

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