Design Italy Participates in the Best of Italian Design Event 2022 in Miami

by Editorial Staff

Design Italy, a digital marketplace founded in 2019 with the aim of promoting renowned and emerging Italian designers worldwide, will participate in the third edition of The Best of Italian Design, an event that will take place on November 10 in Miami, featuring the most renowned made-in-Italy design brands.

Design Italy's mission is to spread unique, handmade and exquisite Italian design throughout the world. The company exclusively showcases design made in Italy, making it one of the best digital marketplaces for those looking for beautiful Italian furniture, lighting, art, home accessories and much more.

Design Italy offers a selection of over 140 renowned and emerging Italian brands, more than twelve thousand unique products and special collections. With customizable designs, exclusive customer service and shipping to over 100 countries, Design Italy is your one-stop shop for all things Italian!

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Design Italy is the ultimate online marketplace for luxury home furnishings. The company offers worldwide shipping and unparalleled customer service. From product selection and personalization to checkout and customer service, the company is with you every step of the way. Design Italy is the one-stop store for the best in Italian luxury.

¨The event is an important step for Design Italy, a digital marketplace that showcases thousands of contemporary Italian designs, to expand in the U.S. market¨.

Design Italy is always on the lookout for unique Italian brands that combine tradition and innovation. The company invests heavily in the markets where it wants to grow. The company's ambitious digital marketing strategy is aimed primarily at the U.S. market, where potential customers have responded well to the company's design choices.

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According Robert Ferrari, former CheBanca! CEO and founder of Design Italy, ¨the US is a strategic country for our business, which is why we're excited to be here at The Best of Italian Design. Miami and South Florida in general are experiencing a lot of growth in the residential sector, with increased demand for real estate due partly to low interest rates. This means that being at an event like this for professionals in the sector and with the goal of promoting iconic Italian design companies is a huge opportunity for a company like ours¨.

Some clients have been attracted to the big brands on Design Italy, including Cassina, FontanaArte, Zanotta, Missoni and Baleri. Others have come to appreciate Italy and Italian style in general. Regardless of their original motivations, many customers have come to love Design Italy for its beautiful designs and attention to detail.

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Today, Design Italy is planning major investments to expand its presence in the high-end designer furniture market. With a projected turnover of 1.5 million euros in 2022 and an export share of 85 percent, orders from customers in more than 40 countries (led by the United States) have made Design Italy one of the leading players in this luxury market. And if all goes according to plan, the company's website will offer several new features by the end of the year - including an augmented reality tool that will provide customers with an immersive and personalized design experience.

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The new tool is a great advantage for the website visitors. Now they can see how the products they want to buy will look in certain areas of their home, office or other spaces. This tool will also be invaluable for professionals such as architects and interior designers when helping their customers make purchases.

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