Home Furniture & Decor: The 5 Trends To Be Inspired To Furnish Your Home

by Andres Castro

Design Italy, the marketplace for 100% Made in Italy design, has identified the upcoming furnishing styles that will define interior design in the coming months. A fusion of proposals and innovative concepts that can be easily adapted to any living space and offer creative freedom to homeowners. Salone Del Mobile - Milan 2023 - is one of the most anticipated events in the design industry, showcasing the most innovative and cutting-edge ideas in furniture and home decor. From minimalist designs to bold statement pieces, learn everything you need to know to create a living space that is both functional and fashionable.

A 360° idea of well-being goes back to respect for the environment, reunion with nature and the search for technological solutions that can be integrated into everyday life and improve the quality of life. This is the trend in interior design that Design Italy, the e-commerce website dedicated to Italian design, has been picking up since 2019, following the market demand and the evolution of the tastes of online buyers from all over the world. Their goal: to offer furnishings for a functional home that creates well-being for people while respecting the environment.

1. Colors In Freedom

Roly Poly - Faye Toogood for DriadeRoly Poly designed by Faye Toogood for Driade. Photo by DesignItaly.com

Thanks to a careful choice of colors, based on neutral and soft tones, living rooms are brightened and appear brighter. An example is the design armchair Roly Poly by Faye Toogood for Driade, which reminds us of a funny pet with its curved back and oversized cylindrical legs. An addition that will bring a touch of style and joy to your home.

DesignItaly.com - Leonardo di Achille Castiglioni for ZanottaLeonardo designed by Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta. Photo by DesignItaly.com

An example of rigor and esthetic cleanliness is the Leonardo table by Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta, a piece of timeless beauty with a trestle structure in evaporated beech and a white laminate top. These light colors go very well with enveloping and relaxing earth tones like ocher, cream, beige and gray. They are delicate nuances such as the Hexagonal plate in Palatina marble by Gabriele D'Angelo for Kimano, perfect as a centerpiece, or the vase 13 by Ricrea, reminiscent of a composition of dried flowers.

DesignItaly.com - Mosaic Carpet DUPRÈ by SicisMosaic Carpet DUPRÈ by Sicis. Photo by DesignItaly.com

These bright dominants also go very well with some "surprise" pieces with more decisive and lighter tones, able to characterize the spaces. Excellent ideas are very refined Duprè Mosaic Carpet by Sicis made of glass and marble, or three-colored Mercury armchair by Daria Zinovatnaya for Adrenalina.

2. Technology With Style

DesignItaly.com - Vase MORO by MedaarchVase MORO by Medaarch. Photo by DesignItaly.com

Technological research is an excellent ally in the world of design. It not only equips designers with new working tools, but also enables a constant paradigm shift in product development. At the last Salone del Mobile, many companies proudly presented the results of their research. For example, thanks to 3D printing, Medaarch has designed a series of vases that pay homage to Mediterranean culture. The furniture is equipped to be multifunctional. The Ficupala lamp by Cassina combines a classic retro shape, that of an antique lantern, with a technological LED soul that allows it to be charged and also used outdoors. The armchairs and sofas also evolve: Bigala, designed by Roberto Giacomucci for Adrenalina, is a versatile element for home and office that integrates a small table and USB chargers on the sides.

Rechargeable Portable Lamp FICUPALA outdoor by Cassina

Rechargeable Portable Lamp FICUPALA outdoor by CassinaRechargeable Portable Lamp FICUPALA outdoor by Cassina. Photos by DesignItaly.com

3. Padded Like Clouds

In the living room triumph soft, inviting shapes, curves that immediately evoke a sense of comfort and enveloping relaxation. Many proposals have lines without edges: Upholstered furniture, tables, coffee tables and curved support surfaces. MyHome has designed the armchair Bordone in velvet with thick stitching that enhances its softness. O volcano by Roberto Semprini for Giovannetti is a purple circle with a crater in the center that houses a light source. Le Nuvole sofa by Sergio Giobbi for Giovannetti has a cheerful retro design with non-deformable polyurethane upholstery. Che Pakko! by Marcantonio for Mogg is a stool inspired by shipping boxes. The fabric is knotted with scenographic ropes that highlight the soft and rich upholstery.

Red Fabric Sofa O VULCANO by Semprini for GiovannettiO Volcano by Roberto Semprini for Giovannetti
White Fabric Sofa LE NUVOLE by Sergio Giobbi per GiovannettiWhite Fabric Sofa LE NUVOLE by Sergio Giobbi per Giovannetti
Che Pakko! by Marcantonio for MoggChe Pakko! by Marcantonio for Mogg

4. Recycled Materials And Precious Finishes

Designers and the public are becoming more attentive to ecological issues. Materials and their origins are also determining the choice of products, whether they are new or rediscovered components. Cork, for example, is making a remarkable comeback. This is the case of companies such as Suber or OTQ, which use this material exclusively for the manufacture of beds, sideboards, tables and chairs. Recycled and recyclable plastic is one of the great protagonists, especially PLA, also known as polylactic acid, obtained from natural raw materials such as corn. The chairs Sissi, Green collection by Ludovica + Roberto Paloma for Driade, are made of plastic waste, incredibly resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. As for the finishes, the glossy and shiny surfaces give way to matte and natural effects. The materials, especially the wood, come out in all their original beauty. The bookcase Notch Shelf by Neri&HU for Riva 1920 was made of briccole wood (the oak stakes that mark the waterways) with pressed shelves.

Armchair SISSI Green collection by Ludovica + Roberto Paloma for DriadeArmchair SISSI Green collection by Ludovica + Roberto Paloma for Driade
Armchair SISSI Green collection by Ludovica + Roberto Paloma for DriadeArmchair SISSI Green collection by Ludovica + Roberto Paloma for Driade

5 - Open Spaces To Furnish

Balconies and terraces are today the great protagonists of the domestic space. The outdoor area is an area that Made in Italy dominates with excellent proposals. Do you have ideas to make your outdoor space unique? The Allure upholstered sun lounger by Christophe Pillet for Talenti is perfect for gardens and terraces, or the Dolcevita armchair by Serralunga with a distinctly urban style made of recycled material with very high sunlight resistance. For the lucky ones who also have a swimming pool, there is the unmissable Glouglou by Martinelli, a multipurpose lamp that can be placed on the ground or float on the water, guaranteeing a magical lighting effect for over 6 hours.

Wood Upholstered Sunbed ALLURE by Pillet for TalentiWood Upholstered Sunbed ALLURE by Pillet for Talenti
Armchair outdoor Dolcevita SerralungaArmchair outdoor Dolcevita Serralunga
Lamp GLOUGLOU by Martinelli
Lamp GLOUGLOU by Martinelli. Photo by Designitaly.com

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