Shakira Finally Came to Miami & Says Goodbye to Barcelona

by Editorial Staff

Colombian singer Shakira posted a photo on her Instagram account today from her private plane showing her departing Barcelona, Spain, for Miami, where she'll settle with her children Milán and Sasha. Shakira moved to Miami after living in Barcelona for 12 years.

"But things are not always as we dream. Sometimes we run but we don't arrive. Never doubt that I will be here..." Shakira wrote on her social networks.

Image taken from Shakira's Instagram Story

Shakira had planned to move to Miami in late 2022, but her father's health suffered a complication, forcing her to postpone her move. One of the photographers who closely followed Shakira's departure from the city posted on his social networks a photo showing the singer's private plane, assuring, "That's it. She's gone. @shakira has said goodbye to Barcelona forever". The photo was taken at Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas airport.

Shakira's plane - Photo by Instagram / @jordimartinpaparazzi y @elgordoylaflaca
Photo: Instagram / @jordimartinpaparazzi and @elgordoylaflaca

The portal Tork News, which specializes in cars, assured that Shakira could move her car collection to Miami, among other things. The most important and sophisticated is her Mercedes Benz SI 550, which thanks to its powerful engine can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 250 km/h. The singer's version has an estimated value of $157,000.

After struggling for months to reach an agreement on custody of her children, Shakira has managed to restart her life outside Spain. In this way she'll put Miami in the spotlight and start his new life away from the media spotlight.

The singer explained in an interview that she always wanted to live in the United States because of her music career, but in the midst of her relationship with Piqué, she preferred to raise their children and support her ex-partner to fulfill his dreams.

In the midst of the move, the artist's children will experience many changes, because they were born in Spain and have spent all their lives there. Even then, the Spanish press rumored that the artist from Barranquilla had problems with her children because they told her that they didn't want to leave their hometown, their school and their social environment.

During the court hearing, it's feared that the minors could move to the United States with their mother, but will have to return to their father in Barcelona during the vacations. It's also expected that the artist's parents will move to Miami. Due to the health complications that both have had in recent months, the singer has had to make some decisions.

Some Spanish media confirm that the children will begin classes at Miami Country Day School, a prestigious educational institution ranked among the top twenty in the state of Florida. However, this is all speculation. Anyway, Milan and Sasha are expected to start classes on April 11.

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