The 20 Best Restaurants in The Miami Design District

by Editorial Staff

The Design District may appear to cater exclusively to the affluent, but that's not necessarily the case. Between the designer labels and the stores waiting to get into the Chanel stores, there are also plenty of great restaurants! Here's our list of the 20 best restaurants in the Miami Design District. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a casual lunch, these restaurants have everything you need. So get ready to sample the delicious cuisine of the Miami Design District!

Top 20 Miami Design District Restaurants
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1. Ōkami

William Levy, a famous Cuban-American actor, and Pedro Orihuela are the brains behind this chic restaurant, which serves a wonderful blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine with Latin American influences. Atmospheric and majestic - Okami beckons! Inspired by the Japanese word for 'wolf," Francois Frossard designed this stunning restaurant with a lush outdoor terrace, a lively sushi bar, and a great second-floor lounge overlooking the tranquil courtyard.

Let your taste buds go on a journey, starting with an appetizer like the tantalizing Pulpo Anticucho or the spicy Tuna Tataki. Be tempted by main dishes like the sumptuous Wagyu Short Rib with teriyaki glaze and wasabi gel or experience the luxury of Misoyaki Black Cod with truffled black quinoa, ponzu sauce, hajikame and yamamomo.

2. Pura Vida Design District

Omer and Jennifer Horev are the minds behind Pura Vida, the perfect place to be with friends and family! Enjoy freshly prepared meals made from local and organic ingredients all day long. Start your day with an all-day breakfast, smoothies, juices, wraps, salads, bowls, coffee and more. Make yourself at home and enjoy delicious meals at Pura Vida!

3. Itamae

Valerie and Nando Chang are an extraordinary brother-sister duo who have just been nominated as semi-finalists for the prestigious James Beard Award Rising Star Chef of the Year. Together with their beloved father, Fernando "Papa" Chang, they offer a unique Nikkei-inspired menu of delicious Japanese-Peruvian dishes for everyone to enjoy!

Explore the menu at this cozy restaurant and you won't be disappointed! With indoor and outdoor seating, you can choose from a variety of tiraditos and ceviches: La Punta, prepared with tuna, salsa verde, toasts and leche de tigre blanca. Or try something unique like the sushi bar specialties or the bañadito rolls - a delicious combination of tiradito and sushi roll!

4. Mia Market Miami

If you're looking for a tasty pick-me-up or an exotic meal, you should stop by this food hall! The aroma of grilled chicken, beef pho, short rib tacos and much more awaits you at the market. With so much to choose from, it's hard to decide on a dish. But you really can't go wrong with any of these dishes: Dal Plin's homey pork cutlets, Coop's double cheeseburger or Sushi Yasu Tanaka's 10-piece omakase menu are all fantastic options. And don't forget the bar in the middle, which has plenty of delicious cocktails to go with your meal.

5. Cote Miami

Cote, the Michelin-starred and James Beard Award-nominated Korean Steakhouse™ and owner Simon Kim's vision is an upscale Korean steakhouse perfect for special occasions. While you enjoy your meal, you'll be pleased to know that the attentive staff will take turns grilling the meat at your table - and don't forget to try the great cocktails!

Cote is one of the most exciting restaurants in town with an elegant design that will make you feel like you're in a chic future! If it's your first time eating here, be sure to try the Butcher's Feast. For about $68 per person, you'll get a delicious steak that you'll finish off with a sweet cup of soy sauce caramel soft serve ice cream. Sounds simply delicious!

6. Michael's Genuine

In 2007, chef Michael Schwartz opened this bistro in the Design District, a cozy spot serving regional dishes and inventive desserts. Sixteen years later, the popular eatery still stands on the foundation it was built on - American cuisine and warm hospitality. Michael's Genuine is the perfect destination for a night out on the town - serving succulent pig ears, delicious Korean kimchi and a colorful selection of pizzas.

The restaurant also promises its guests a fantastic experience with dishes like wood-fired fish, creamy stracciatella, and spicy mezze! Come between 4 and 7 p.m. for the cheerful weekday happy hour, where you can sunbathe outdoors while enjoying delicious cocktails.

7. ZZ's Club

Jeff Zalaznick, co-owner of Major Food Group, has a fitting nickname - "ZZ". Legendary designer Ken Fulk created the unique interior of ZZ's Club, which resides in the Miami Design District as Major Food Group's restaurant and private business. Each member experiences customized hospitality that makes the club feel like an extended home away from home.

On the second floor, you'll find the famed Sushi Omakase counter, helmed by renowned chef Yasu Tanaka. Explore the modern Japanese restaurant, which offers an impressive selection of à la carte dishes. As you explore this regal floor, follow your senses to the famous cigar terrace, explore the enticing backgammon balcony, and end your journey in the warm and inviting bar and lounge.

8. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Dining at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon is a truly exceptional experience. It's no wonder that renowned chef Joel Robuchon has received the highest number of Michelin stars for his restaurant group - an admirable achievement!

Four years after his death, the memory of his exquisite French haute cuisine lives on, culminating in a sophisticated blend of flavor and technique. Enjoy scallops in cilantro broth and coconut emulsion with a vibrant mix of succulent calamari, beef, foie gras and peppers - or venture into the nine-course seasonal tasting menu!

The restaurant offers a stunning atmosphere with dramatic lighting, bold colors and the perfect combination of black-painted ceilings and fire-brushed granite floors. The luxurious touches continue in the polished rosewood walls and custom red leather Italian seating for a truly memorable experience.

9. Le Jardinier

Talented French Michelin-starred chef Alain Verzeroli transforms a handsome bar, an outdoor space decorated in shades of white and green, and a chic, light-filled interior into a refuge for exquisite dishes like spelt risotto with ramp seeds and spring radish, caramelized artichoke and asparagus quiche with smoked Gouda and dill. The dishes prepared at Le Jardinier are simply exceptional! With a delicious blend of locally grown plants, fresh herbs and greens, each cocktail gets a very special touch, while the vegan ice cream or the strawberry eclair with Meyer Lemon Confit are exceptional and unforgettable experiences.

10. Mandolin Aegean Bistro

If you want to experience an unforgettable lunch, Mandolin is the place to go! Located in the charming Buena Vista neighborhood and just a stone's throw from the Design District, it may be hard to snag one of the coveted seats on a nice day, but it's definitely worth the effort. With this ode to Greek cuisine just around the corner, there's no need to fly off to Mediterranean heaven.

The Mediterranean food is divine and the restaurant is always busy, being one of the best outdoor restaurants in Miami. Tables lovingly shaded by trees and canopies create a romantic atmosphere where you can enjoy succulent grilled octopus, whole sea bass, and grilled halloumi - the perfect way to spend an idyllic day. White or red wine? An absolute must!

11. Jass Kitchen

Located on a residential street five blocks north of the Design District, the Jass is almost too perfect a place to use for a date. This is the perfect place for a romantic evening! With real candles, brick walls, and live jazz on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, your partner is sure to be thrilled. But even if you're alone or with friends, don't miss out on the delicious Mediterranean food. Mark 8:30 pm in your calendar, because that's when the live music starts and you can enjoy truly magical sounds!

12. Sushi Yasu Tanaka By Masumura

Get ready for an extraordinary journey at Sushi Yasu Tanaka by Masumura! In this sushi concept, masterful and renowned sushi chef Yasu Tanaka takes you on a culinary experience inspired by the passion, culture and hospitality of his native Japan. This exceptional restaurant offers each guest a unique, personalized experience. Chef Yasu carefully prepares two types of sushi rice - Akazu and Yonezu - every two hours to ensure a first-class experience.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity. During their recent family visit to Japan, Yasu and his wife embarked on a journey of discovery that culminated in their search for the perfect ingredients to create the ultimate Japanese feast. Handcrafted tableware and decor elevate the dining experience at Sushi Yasu Tanaka to an authentic level, transporting you to a world of delicious sushi and sake!

13. Tacombi Design District

Enjoy a rousing experience at Tacombi! Here you can embark on a unique culinary journey with two options to choose from. Opt for take-out or eat your al pastor tacos at the counter - both options are delicious. But nothing beats eating at one of the charming tables and sipping on a pitcher of divine margaritas - an experience you won't soon forget! And the food? Delicious.

Indulge in a tantalizing taste sensation at Baja Crispy Fish Tacos. These deliciously crispy tacos aren't to be missed! Dip your taste buds into the Norteña Quesadilla - the combination of charred beef strips and richly crumbled Queso Blanco makes for an unforgettable flavor combination. Whether you're looking for a tasty snack before hitting the Miami nightlife, or you're just craving the best tacos in the world, you don't want to miss this place!

14. Japow Kakigori Original

If you find yourself in the Design District on a hot day, be sure to head to Japow - a small food truck that serves the delicious Japanese dessert kakigori. It's not just any restaurant, it's an experience. As the little machine whirs and stirs, the freshly made ice cream appears in a bowl waiting for its eager guests. With delicious flavors ranging from mango lassi to cortadito, you can only imagine the tantalizing tastes that await!

15. Old Greg's

Old Greg's is a small eatery that serves delicious round and thick square sourdough pizzas with delicious toppings and mountains of cheese. You can spend an unforgettable evening there enjoying a variety of pizza slices along with an exquisite bottle of wine. Old Greg's offers excellent hoagies, the most popular of which is the Chicken Caesar Hoagie. This delicacy consists of two crispy chicken cutlets carefully placed on a delicious homemade bread, and is topped off with a flavorful Caesar salad garnish and some shaved Parmesan.

16. Lemoni Cafe

Step through the doors of Lemoni in Buena Vista, just steps from the Design District, and soak up the incredible atmosphere. As you peruse the menu, you'll find that the freshly prepared dishes will tantalize your senses and satisfy your appetite with generous portions. Leave your worries behind as this relaxed bistro will soothe your soul. The menu is Mediterranean-inspired and offers an array of tempting delights - from paninis to salads to a decadent cheesesteak. For the health conscious, there are plenty of vegetarian options and refreshing smoothies.

17. Buena Vista Deli

If you're wandering aimlessly through the Design District looking for a place to grab breakfast or lunch, Buena Vista Deli is the place for you! The relaxed atmosphere and close proximity make it' your first choice! Put aside the reservation and leave the egg carton untouched - Buena Vista Deli is also the perfect solution for those mornings when you' want something different. You'll have to venture into the charming French restaurant and sit on the side patio -- the perfect place to enjoy delicious sandwiches, quiche, omelets and pastries while sipping a capuccino to your heart's content.

18. Swan

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Swan. This hip restaurant offers European cuisine and an outdoor bar that shines amidst the vibrant greenery of its own urban oasis. It's all thanks to famed restaurateurs David Grutman and Pharrell Williams -- come experience the sidewalk café they brought to life! The Swan offers sophisticated rustic delicacies and dynamic community dishes to satisfy guests' hunger.

19. Coco Miami

With its subtle blend of European cuisine, meticulously crafted décor and electrifying entertainment, Coco Miami is an extravagant interplay of food and artful parties founded on the principles of grace and hospitality. Here, you'll be enveloped in a dramatic wave of opulence with luxurious finishes of matte black and gold foil that will transport you to a time of sophisticated glamor. Indulge in this world-class destination that will give you unforgettable nights!

20. Yoso Sushi

Three daring young chefs have taken a bold step and ventured out of their usual rut. After years of perfecting their skills at renowned Japanese restaurants in Miami, they've decided to take a road less traveled. Try Yoso Sushi's in the Design District and treat yourself to the best fresh fish in the form of poke bowls and sushi rolls. Check out the reviews of this little restaurant on wheels to see that they do it really well -- and with a big dose of honesty!

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