Experience Fine Dining at The Surf Club Restaurant by Thomas Keller

by Andres Castro

This is the first time Thomas Keller, the famed California chef, has opened a restaurant in Florida, at The Surf Club, an upscale extension of the Surf Club. It'll offer à la carte menus that mimic classic continental cuisine in a way that is relevant to modern diners. There's no doubt that The Surf Club Restaurant knows how to have a good time, just like the swinging diners in the '50s and '60s hotspots that this restaurant celebrates.

Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Cake - The Surf Club RestaurantPhoto source: surfclubrestaurant.com

The Menu

Continental cuisine, presented with dramatic flair, is prepared from only the freshest ingredients - European-based selections with an extensive wine list that includes Old and New World wines. With delicious bar snacks to tantalize your taste buds, the restaurant offers a truly majestic and state-of-the-art dining journey.

Experience an exquisite culinary adventure of unimaginable proportions at the Surf Club Restaurant, where you can enjoy luxurious dishes such as Regiis Ova Ossetra Caviar and Petite Plateau with half-shell oysters, Bay Scallop Crudo and Gulf Prawn Cocktail; or indulge your palate with succulent Dover Sole Meunière, wild-caught off the coast of Brittany!

In addition to the outstanding continental cuisine, dishes such as True Ribeye, Beef Wellington, Roasted Chicken for Two, Lobster Thermidor, Avocado Louie, Lemon Meringue Tart and Coconut Cake highlight the impressive and seemingly effortless sophistication of the menu.

In keeping with the history of the Surf Club, the restaurant offers a selection of drinks inspired by the original Surf Club - a perfect portrait of the cocktail culture of yesteryear! Designed and implemented by Beverage Director Michel Couvreux, the beverage program expresses the dynamic sophistication that permeates every corner of the restaurant, artfully blending with continental-inspired flavors.

Thomas Keller with his staff
Photo source: surfclubrestaurant.com

The Culinary Experts

As one of the world's leading chefs in the culinary arts, Thomas Keller is considered one of the most influential personalities in the world. It's thanks to his influence that the restaurants and people he inspires are setting new standards for service, cuisine and working conditions.

Chef Keller has assembled a team of experts who share his philosophy and vision. He has successfully assembled this team because he values true collaboration.

Under the watchful eye of Michael DeCicco, the highly acclaimed Chef de Cuisine at The Surf Club Restaurant, the famed cuisine is brought to life through dedicated collaboration and unparalleled technical precision.

Since January 2022, Michael DeCicco has been responsible for all culinary needs, ensuring that the menu is developed and the team is mentored to the highest standards. He has cooked in Chef Keller's restaurants for more than ten years and therefore knows the importance of the quality of the ingredients.

As pastry chef at The Surf Club Restaurant, Julie Kurz plays a critical role. She creates all the desserts, breads, viennoiseries and desserts to Chef Keller's exceptionally high standards. Not only does she have to show leadership and support her team - she also has to make sure they achieve those high standards!

Michel Couvreux - Beverage Director extraordinaire - has developed award-winning beverage programs for Chef Keller's highly acclaimed casual and fine dining restaurants. His immense experience as East Coast beverage director and head sommelier at the delectable Per Se restaurant is unparalleled. There, he was responsible for an extravagant wine program and developed a training program that gave the restaurant's staff unparalleled insight into the world of wine.

The Surf ClubPhoto source: thesurfclub.com

The Surf Club

Traditionally, surf clubs are a place where people experience the magic of transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. Above all, they're an institution that promotes and improves the quality of life of its members, guests and residents.

Despite its troubled past, The Surf Club today has a dazzling list of names associated with it, and is one of the largest and most successful clubs in the world. But its strong sense of possibility and the timeless values for which it's known and loved today remain at the core of what it stands for.

At The Surf Club, you'll also find the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club, an oceanfront hotel that ushers in a new era of glamor, offering chic Italian cuisine and a world-class spa.

An Experience of High Cuisine That You Shouldn't Miss

Thomas Keller's Surf Club Restaurant is the perfect place to experience the amazing world of fine dining. Here you can enjoy unadulterated ingredients and masterful techniques in a luxurious setting that enhances the beauty of the surroundings. Whatever your occasion, the team at Surf Club will help you create a meal that can't be beat for quality and taste.

Visit at least one or two of these exceptional Miami restaurants we've compiled in this top 10, and we guarantee you'll have a culinary experience you'll never forget.

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